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Neurofascial Manipulation for the Neck, Jaw and Head [Sold Out]

  • North Seattle area Seattle, WA 98177 (map)

It may surprise you to learn that some of the hard and tender knots we've furiously been working on are actually swollen and potentially inflamed and tethered nerves. Neural mobilization skills will dramatically increase your results and set you apart. This class will be an introduction to working directly with the nerves and superficial fascia to restore joint mobility and decrease pain. 

In this class we'll explore the nerves around the neck, jaw, and head, and their relationship to thoracic outlet syndrome, forward head posture, TMJ dysfunction, headaches, dowager's hump, and ROM issues. This is a good opportunity to enhance your nerve palpation skills as well as learning a few effective self-care tips.

Some of the nerves we will cover in class include the cervical plexus (lesser occipital, great auricular, transverse cervical, supraclavicular nerve), trigeminal nerve (opthalmic, maxillary and mandibular branches), dorsal rami of cervical spinal nerves (greater occipital, lesser, 3rd occipital), and the spinal accessory nerve.

Instructor: Steve Evanko, PhD, Certified Advanced Rolfer
CE hours: 8

Tuition: $175.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Neurofascial Manipulation

Registration: This class is sold out. If you'd like to get on the waiting list, please contact

For those registered, the remaining balance is due at class, payable by cash or check only, made out to the instructor.