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Wholeness in Body Mechanics–Developing Quality of Touch

  • Ballard Area Seattle, WA 98117 (map)

Body Mechanics for Bodyworkers is often presented in the context of self-care and career longevity. But how can you develop your quality of touch? How do you increase your effectiveness with every stroke and modality that you apply? This body mechanics class will focus on all three dimensions, and make your massage more 3-dimensional as well.

Cultivating presence and awareness in your touch are key elements of authentic bodywork. The focus of this class will be on HOW we work, not learning a new technique. The emphasis is on developing YOU, the practitioner, the wielder of the techniques, with every stroke, every assessment, and every placement of your hands. We will develop and explore ‘soft contact’ so that you can practice with more ease and optimize your client’s ability to receive the work. When we have ease and minimize our effort, we are able to feel more, which in itself has a cascading, synergistic effect in the outcome of our sessions.

These principles will be reinforced by experiential exercises in class, as well as hands-on practice using a variety of foundational techniques you already know, including Swedish, Neuromuscular, and Deep Tissue. You will learn to clarify your intention and optimize your angle of entry with any style of technique. You’ll also have a chance to bring in your own unique challenges with body mechanics, and have a chance to apply the principles you learn in a supervised exchange, receiving individual table-side attention due to the intimate nature of the class.

"I loved this class. I'm totally using this material tomorrow at work." -Slade Powell

"Benjamin's teaching style is the perfect blend of entertainment and expertise." -Briana McGinnity

Instructor: Benjamin Lee
CE Hours: 8; includes 6 hours of hands-on technique
Tuition: $150 

PLEASE NOTE: Brian is currently out of the office. If you register for this class, please also email the instructor at, and your greeter Emily at, to be sure you have the confirmation email.

Deposit for BLee Body Mechanics (9/22)

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. The balance is due at class, by cash or check only, payable to the instructor (Benjamin Lee). If you cancel within 48 hours of the class, you will be liable for the full tuition.

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