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Understanding the Somatic Nervous System and Proprioception

  • Holiday Inn Express 14115 Aurora Ave N Seattle, WA 98133 (map)

When we are at our best in a massage, we are skillfully engaged in a conversation with our client's nervous system, including the autonomic and somatic components. In this class we will focus on the somatic (musculoskeletal) nervous system, including proprioception, cortical-limbic (ie, conscious, unconscious, and emotional) influences, reflexes, guarding responses, coordination, and the gamma efferent system. This will be more than just a physiology lecture--it's a course designed specifically for massage therapists. The focus will be on implications for bodywork, and how to skillfully and effectively apply this knowledge in your bodywork practice. You will gain a deeper understanding of the somatic nervous system, and how it applies to massage and to life. The course will go beyond what is typically taught in massage schools or in anatomy and physiology courses.

"The information was presented clearly and logically, and is all useful for me in my practice. I already notice more awareness in my work. It has increased my understanding of why I do what I do when I'm working." - Jennifer Gagnon

"I loved the detail and clarity of the instruction--it blew everything I got in massage school out of the water. I think I'll be able to apply this stuff immediately, and it already helps me think of my own body differently." - Jaren Hoppe-Leonard

"Wow! Fantastic review and new perspective on the somatic nervous system and proprioception." - Christine Pearson

Instructor: Brian Utting
CE hours: 8

Tuition: $140. Save $25 if you register for both this class and Evaluation and Treatment of Shoulder Injuries on Sunday, February 24th. Reviewers are also eligible for a reduced price; see registration link below for details.

Registration: This class is sponsored by the Therapeutic Training Center. Click here to register. To register for both Saturday, February 23rd and Sunday, February 24th, click here.