Deposit for Ethics Class (6/21)

Deposit for Ethics Class (6/21)


Instructor: Brian Utting & De’Anna Dean
CE hours: 7 — Full Tuition: $100
Location: Ballard area, Seattle, WA
Date & Time: Friday, June 21st, 11am-6:30pm

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. The balance will be paid for by Intuitive Bodywork.

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Ethics, Supervision, Boundaries, and State Law

We will begin with a thorough review of state massage law, and some interesting, important, and occasionally upsetting changes to the law. After a review of professional ethics, roles, and boundaries, we will take a more personal approach to professional ethics. Ethics is a living subject and is best learned in a live, interactive format. As massage practitioners, we work closely and intimately with our clients, but we often experience isolation and burnout in our own practices. When ethical conflicts, confusions, and challenges inevitably arise, we often feel that we have no place to take them. 

In this peer supervision class, we will explore your current professional issues and dilemmas, whether they be interpersonal, ethical, financial, or other. This is not a 'you should eat your vegetables' approach to ethics, but rather an opportunity to draw support and gain insight from your peers and mentors. The class size will be quite small and intimate, with a maximum of 9 students. You will return to your practice refreshed and with a deeper sense of clarity.

"This is the only ethics class I've ever taken that I wish were longer." - Mariah Vanhee

"This was the best ethics class I've ever taken." - Darcy Hovard, Erin Morgan

"This class was far better time spent than an internet facsimile of an ethics class." - Christian Green

"Masterfully organized, and complete in subject coverage, handouts, and time management." - Barbara Johnson