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MSDT for the Torso, Legs and Hips (Auckland, New Zealand)

  • New Zealand College of Massage Manukau Rd, Greenlane Auckland 1049 New Zealand (map)

Auckland, NZ

Join Brian for two 8-hour Deep Tissue CE classes in Auckland, New Zealand on February 8-9th, 2020, during the peak of the Austral summer. The days will be long and warm, and Auckland is a cosmopolitan, world-class city, and a gateway to the South Pacific.

Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques for the Torso (Iliopsoas, Diaphragm, QL and Paraspinals)

These muscular structures support the core--they are integral to maintaining balance, structural alignment, ease of breathing, mobility, and the ability to function without lower back pain. In the morning, you will learn specific, potent, and effective Deep Tissue techniques to release the iliopsoas, diaphragm, QL, lower multifidus, and the lumbodorsal fascia. These are straightforward, muscle-specific techniques that can be immediately applied in practice, often with profound results. There will be a concise and insightful anatomy review of these structures with an eye toward fascial continuities and the functional relationships between them. We will also focus correct placement and proper use of fingers, knuckles, and elbows for optimal results.

In the afternoon we will focus on some muscle-specific Deep Tissue techniques for the Paraspinals (erector spinae and transversospinalis) that are different from but complementary to what you learned in massage school or elsewhere. The emphasis will be on releasing and unbinding the erector spinae group, the transversospinalis group, the lumbodorsal fascia, and the quadratus lumborum. These muscle-specific techniques will improve the precision and effectiveness of your back massage, and can be easily integrated to your style of bodywork. Body mechanics will continue to be a focus of the class, as well as proper use of elbows, fingers and knuckles to save wear and tear on joints. Students who have taken this class have reported that they were able to apply the techniques in their practices right away and that their clients loved the results, feeling a newfound sense of freedom and ease in their backs.

"This is one of the most practical classes I've ever taken. Brian presented useful information and then taught practical application of this info. He walked us through how to find each muscle--something I have always wished other instructors would do. I left the training with expanded skills and knowledge, which I have been able to use right away with my clients." - Evelyn Bass

"I absolutely love this work. I can hardly wait to bring it into my practice." -Hannah LePiane

Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques for the Legs and Hips

The legs are often treated by bodyworkers for the least amount of time in a session. Yet they support the upper body and are under tremendous compressive force, whether moving or stationary. When the structures of the feet and legs are functioning properly, they are one of the fundamental anchors of our stability and support. When they're not, they are a major contributor to foot, knee, hip, and low back issues.

In this class, you will learn specific, potent, and effective Deep Tissue techniques to release the muscles and fascia of the hips, legs and feet. Some of the specific muscle groups you will work with include the deep calf flexors (tibialis posterior, flexor hallucis, flexor digitorum), the anterior compartment (tibialis anterior and extensor digitorum), the quadriceps group, the tensor fascia latae and IT tract, the gluteals, the deep lateral rotators, hamstrings, and adductors. These are simple, straightforward, muscle-specific techniques that can be immediately applied in practice. Body mechanics will also be a focus of the class, as well as proper use of hands, elbows, and forearms to save wear and tear on joints.

To watch a short video demo of one of the techniques covered in class (originally presented in Austin, TX), click here.

"So many new, practical techniques to try! All really great stuff." -Chrisann Rauschenbach

"This was the best adductor work I've ever had." -Crystal Johnson

"This was exactly what I was hoping for – super great, specific work." -Leah Grossman

Instructor: Brian Utting
CE hours: 16 (NCBTMB-approved)
Date and Time: Saturday and Sunday, February 8 and 9, 9am-6pm each day

Tuition: $250NZ ($160US) per day for Saturday or Sunday, if registered and deposited with a $100NZ ($65US) deposit by January 15; $275NZ thereafter. The balance is due at the beginning of class, cash only. Take both classes for only $450NZ ($290US) if registered and deposited by January 15; $495NZ thereafter. Reviewers of the Torso class receive and additional $50NZ discount.

Please note that you are responsible for your own travel and lodging arrangements for your stay in Auckland. If you have questions, contact Brian in Seattle at

Deposit for MSDT Auckland Classes (2/8-2/9)
from 65.00

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. The balance is due at class, by cash only (no credit cards or checks, please). If you cancel within 48 hours of the class, you will be liable for the full tuition.

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